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Pravo & Consultation, Ltd. is the Russian Legal Company founded in 1999.

Litigation Services.
Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services in Moscow, Russia

Legal Services

E-mail: piko@piko.ru  Phone: +7 495 363 8132

About us

Pravo & Consultation Ltd. was founded in 1999. Our Attorneys joined Pravo & Consultation Bar Association in 2005

Our Cases

Pravo & Consultation Ltd. focuses on complicated civil and corporation Disputes Resolution, Arbitration and Mediation Services. Our Attorneys deal with both criminal and civil cases. Our goal is to win or resolve the most complicated cases both international and domestic.


Feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone, whatsapp, viber, telegram.

E-mail: piko@piko.ru
Phone +7 903 363 8132
Whatsapp +7 903 363 8132
Viber +7 903 363 8132
Telegram +7 903 363 8132


Finance lease

Leasee’s right protectaction in case of pre-term cancellation of contract.


Establishing of proprietary rights

Establishing of the interestholder’s proprietary rights when the developer was declared bankrupt


Corporation dispute

Protection of the rights of former director and shareholder


About Us

Vladislav Diatlov
Pravo  & Consultation Ltd.

Graduated from the Law Department of Military Institute of the RF Department of Defense with Honor (1994).

In 1997 gained the Magister in Law Degree in Russian School of Civil Law
Between 1994 – 1996 he worked as an Investigator in the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

Director of the Fund at the Russian School of Civil Law .

Member of the Expert Council of All-Russian Council of Local Self-Government, the All-Russian Public Organization.

Mikhail Mezavtsov
Attorney, Chairman
Pravo & Consultation Bar Assossiation

Graduated from the Law Department of Moscow State Univercity od Service, criminal law specialisation.

Latter finished the Law Department of University named after Nataliya Nesterova, civil law specialization.

He post graduate  Law Department of Higher Economics School Moscow, criminal specialization.

Our Attorneys and Lawyers

“The more complicated the case, the more interesting is to win it”.
Vladislav Diatlov

Vladislav Diatlov


Michail Mezavtsov

Michail Mezavtsov

Bar Chairman, Attorney

Vadim Akperov

Vadim Akperov


Our Clients


 15, Petrovsko-Razumovsky Proezd, Room 129, Moscow City 127083, Russia


+7 495 363 8132
+7 903 363 8132



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